Solar oven, make your own sun cooker from a box
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Solar oven: let the sun do the baking!

Solar oven: let the sun do the baking!

Cooking with the power of the sun is pretty old. For centuries people used the sun as heating source to cook food. In the last decades we see more and more effectively made sun ovens and solar cookers for better output. They are used all over the world, in developing countries, and in backyards. And why not? The sun is free! All you have to do is find materials to make your very own environmentally and wallet friendly solar oven. If you have an old satellite dish lying around, read my post on solar cookers.

DIY sun oven

Here are some pics I found from homemade solar ovens. May it inspire you to build your own solar oven from whatever you find in your backyard, attic, cellar, garage-sales, junk yards, pawnshops, dumpsters, etc.

big solar oven Solar oven box
solar oven made from fridge solar oven made from grill sun oven

So if you want to start with something simple, take a look at this video and get hold of:

  • a shoe-box (a black one is even better!)
  • aluminium foil
  • some (black) tape
  • piece of transparant plastic (plexiglass is best, otherwise use some transparent kitchen foil)
  • some sunshine
  • some patience when you start cooking, frying, baking!

You want it faster, hotter and with more fun? Try building this Satellite dish sun cooker!

Buy ready-made solar ovens

Of course there are also factory made kits available in stores for your garden or if you go hiking, check out Amazon or eBay for solar ovens without the hassle of making one yourself.

solar cooking kit

Solar oven books

This book: “DIY: How to Make a Solar Oven” (available here) explains how you can build different kinds of sun ovens step-by-step!

Whats your experience with solar ovens, what works best, what didn’t work. There are so many solar models and plans, let me know what you think!

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  1. Johnny says:

    Definitely going to try out the pizza box version. Just saw an empty box lying under my table LOL

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