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Salt water battery lights LED

Salt water battery lights LED

In my previous post I made a battery of nails, copper wire and vinegar. This time I used salted water and 12 bottle caps instead of 9 to make a salt water battery and guess what, the LED burns as brightly as with the vinegar! You can also use plain water, but with salt it’ll work better.

How to make salt water battery

If you want to make this battery, just follow the instructions on how to DIY a vinegar battery and change the vinegar for water.

5 Responses to “Salt water battery lights LED”

  1. Concening The Water, What Produces The Electricity? says:

    Using Water What Produces The Electricity? Is It The Nail?

    • John H. says:

      No, it’s the chemical reaction between the two metals. The water is the electrolyte. You always need two different kind of metals to produce electricity.

  2. Nick says:

    what if increase the size of the caps? (and temperature or types of nails?)

    • Harmjan H. says:

      Good question! Only increasing the size of the caps won’t help me getting more out of it. I have to increase the size of the nails as well. Not sure about temperature, haven’t really experimented with that. I did experiment with different types of metal. Voltage is always around .5 volt per cell, doesnt’t matter how large they are. It’s the amps you want in this case.

  3. greashia says:

    nice work ^-^

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