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Water battery lights LED

Water battery lights LED

In my previous post I made a battery of nails, copper wire and vinegar. This time I used plain tap water (not salted or anything) and 12 bottle caps instead of 9 and guess what, the LED burns as brightly as with the vinegar!

If you want to make this battery, just follow the instructions on how to DIY a vinegar battery and change the vinegar for water.

3 Responses to “Water battery lights LED”

  1. greashia says:

    nice work ^-^

  2. Nick says:

    what if increase the size of the caps? (and temperature or types of nails?)

    • Harmjan H. says:

      Good question! Only increasing the size of the caps won’t help me getting more out of it. I have to increase the size of the nails as well. Not sure about temperature, haven’t really experimented with that. I did experiment with different types of metal. Voltage is always around .5 volt per cell, doesnt’t matter how large they are. It’s the amps you want in this case.

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