Cutting bottles is fun!

bottle cutter lamps

We throw away so many garbage that you just sometimes wonder… what ELSE can we do with our rubbish? Now take empty wine bottles for example. Do you know what you can do with them? When they are cut in half you can make: candle covers, vases, glasses, candles, ice cream bowls, air plant holders, wind chimes, etc. Decoration possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination!

Solar greenhouses from bottles

Now if you have a garden, like me, you’re probably growing your own vegetables like tomatoes, or sunflowers from seed but…. those darn snails keep eating the small plants when you put them outside. And if not, then some cold night can easily kill them. So, your small plants need more sun and protection against snails.

You’ve probably seen or even used them before, these greenhouses made from plastic bottles, but if outside the wind can easily take them away and it doesn’t look very pretty. Besides I don’t want much of that plastic stuff in my garden soil.

And that’s where the bottle cutter comes in! Now you can easily make small greenhouses for extra sun rays plus they protect from snails eating your precious plants. And they are reusable, just keep them in your shed and use them every year.

How to cut bottles

In the ol’ days (and some people still use this method) you drench a piece of string in aceton, tie it around the bottle and light it, like in this tutorial. But nowadays you can buy a handy tool for these purposes.¬† Why burn your fingers :-)?


Which bottle cutter to choose?

There are many different models of bottle cutters on the market. One of the most popular is the Kinkajou which is also pretty easy to use. Another popular one is the cheaper Ephrem’s Bottle Cutter Kit. More expensive is the¬†Creator’s Bottle Cutter, which has good customer reviews. Where to find bottle cutters and find reviews?

Check out where to a buy bottle cutter on [php_everywhere]. It also makes a great gift! Have fun!


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