Sol Cinema: World’s smallest solar cinema!

Now here is one of my solar favorites. Sol Cinema: an 1972 caravan recycled into a fully working solar-powered cinema! Complete with usherettes. Originally, this small cinema is a arts charity Undercurrents project.


With the help of an engineer from they build the system and decided to use 4 lithium ion batteries -normally used in electric cars- to power this small cinema. They are charged with 120 watt solar panels to ensure that they always have power, whatever the weather conditions. To reduce energy demand, the builders bought a low energy projector (LED), laptop & lighting. Too bad it isn’t the ‘real deal’ celluloid with an old fashioned super 8 projector. But unfortunately I think an 8mm projector uses lots more energy…

Of course, you or your company can hire the entire cinema including staff and a wide selection of (short) films. And no worries, they have fully charged batteries in case it’s raining.

solar movie theatre

Visit The Sol Cinema’s website or take a look at The Sol Cinema’s facebook page.

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