Garden lights: When the days are getting shorter

…begin the ‘fightback’ with some cool garden lighting (no cabling required!).

The days are getting shorter, but this doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t sit out in the evening and have a nice glass of wine simply because you can’t see a thing! With some help from the sun in the daytime you can still enjoy your evenings out in the garden with some nice and decorative solar powered lightning.

Solar Garden Lights Ideas

There are many different types of solar lights for sale (and in all price ranges), so choosing a few for your garden shouldn’t be a problem. If you have one or more trees nearby, why not decorate their branches with some wonderful solar fairy lights or lanterns? Some of them come with long cords, so you can put the solar panels a few feet away from the trees so they can easily charge in the sun.

solar tree lights
These solar tree lights make a great addition to you garden and are also perfect for (Indian Summer) garden parties!

Accent lights add a pleasant glow to your garden. Their low level of illumination is basically designed to just ‘mark’ a place, not really to light a pathway or illuminate an object. Because of this, these accent lights usually boast longer runtimes (up to many nights) than other types of solar lamps on just a single day’s charge! Accent lights come in a variety of shapes: butterflies, stars, flowers, animal figures, etc.

solar accent lights
Solar accent lights use efficient solar panels that allow them to charge on a cloudy day, or even in shaded areas. Many of these lights utilize colored LEDs to create an even softer ambience than lights with standard white LEDs.

Solar powered fountains

solar bird bath
They normally come outfitted with a long solar cord that can be placed in the sun, while your fountain operates in a shady environment. This feature alone makes them the most versatile fountain on the market.

For people with small ponds I suggest adding a soothing solar powered fountain or if you don’t have a pond, buy a solar bird bath to ease the mind and soul.

Because they are free from electrical cords, it offers you many options for the placement of your fountains.  A solar water fountain will provide a beautiful addition to any landscaping. With the solar cells, they run purely on sun powered energy.

…while you are shaping your garden into an eco-friendly landscape and living space, watch your feathered friends enjoy themselves in the warmth of water that has been heated by the sun!

So start decorating your garden without adding a penny to your electricity bill!

Where to buy?

There are many (online) stores which sell solar lights and other sun powered gadgets and stuff. For a variety of prices, check [php_everywhere].

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