DIY solar shower, how to make a sunpowered shower!

diy solar shower

When you live in the countryside like me, and have a corner of your garden left somewhere, and have some privacy, you can make your own solar shower! I was searching the net for some solar shower ideas and inspiration and was surprised to see how many DIY solar showers are out there. Ranging from a few bucks to over a hundred. It saves lots of energy and money and lets face it, showering in the open air is just great! And you’ll be dry in no-time…

DIY outdoor shower
The sun heats the water in the black-painted tank on top. After showering, you only have to refill the tank with for example the garden hose and the sun will do its job again for the next day!

The above shower is made from an old water heater tank. Strip the tank down and paint it pitch-black.

Solar shower

The above shower is also very nice. It only requires one hour to ‘heat up’ and you can shower! It’s from the Swiss company Fizz:

If you want it more simple, buy a black water bag and let it lie in the sun for a couple of hours and hang it in a tree.

Where can I buy factory made solar showers?

Buy solar showers at [php_everywhere].

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