SunMod Solar Modification Kit, solar charge your RC!


Watching television but the batteries from your RC are exhausted? Then get your lazy butt up and w a l k to your set to change channels! It’s good for your health too! But of course this is sometimes not possible, new TV sets don’t have buttons anymore on which you can put a finger. Bummer! So, how about buying some rechargeable batteries? With the Solar Modification Kit from Sparkle Labs you won’t ever have to get them out!

Just turn the RC on its belly and if there is sufficient light it’ll charge automatically. Heck, you can hack any small device powered with AA or AAA NiMH batteries to make it solar powered.

solar modification kit

SunMod Solar Modification Kit

  • comes with a flexible 4.8V solar cell with connectors
  • mailable packaging
  • double-sided tape

Last time I checked it was 19.99 bucks and you can order it directly from the Sparkle Labs webshop.

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