Sunshine Buddies: happy solar Bobbleheads!

solar bobble head

Nohohon Zoku

Sunshine Buddies – Bobbleheads: These solar dashboard toys are marketed as Nohohon in Japan and means ‘carefree family’ or ‘sunny people’.

So what I can use it for?

Looking at the same faces over and over, day in day out can be a little bit depressing… Life is just too short to waste your valuable time staring at unpleasant things. So how to brighten up your day? Simple, start staring at a face which always smiles, never has spots, a beard, long hair (in fact it could be bald…), doesn’t shout or spit at you or asks stupid questions! Nope, with the ‘Sunshine Buddy’ your days will always be the same, ehhh… I mean will always be sunny and happy and bobbly! Of course you need the sun to make it bobbly.

The Sunshine Buddy:

  • is a kind of sun powered Bobblehead
  • has a head which nods silently from side to side. Forever.
  • maybe the perfect gift to keep your running kid quiet. Or even hypnotize it.
  • is のほほん族 in Japanese and is brought to you by the famous toy maker Takary TOMY
  • is a sunpowered nodder, wobbler or bobbing head doll
  • has its own facebook page!

Find your Sunshine Buddies on Amazon


But what’s the point? Well, according to the makers, a Sunshine Buddy can effectively calm your aura and relieve their owners from stress. Maybe it’s the nodding/swaying/moving head, maybe it’s the permant smile on his/her/its face, or is it the environmentally friendly edge?

Want to know more and you’re able to read Japanese? Visit the official Nohohon Zoku Sunshine Buddy website.

Sunshine Buddy

If your Sunshine Buddy is broken, clean the solar panel to see if it’s still providing electricity. If this fails, take a look here and follow instructions on how to repair solar stuff.

solar bobblehead

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